Be a part of the CHANGE!


In 5-10 years, we envision a world where fair, circular and plant-based sustainable fashion is the norm and where the fashion value chain is entirely regenerative. 


Our mission is that of making plant-based fashion accessible and affordable, accelerating the demand for plant-based alternatives while working towards a truly sustainable and fair fashion industry.

What do we mean by plant-based? 

In order to lower the impact that the fashion industry has on the planet, first and foremost we need to realize that every piece of clothes comes from the land. Almost every material we wear was first a seed, which became a plant, which was then processed to become yarn. So we need to take a good look at the raw materials used to make our clothes.


As thoroughly analyzed by organizations like Material Innovation Initiative, animal-derived materials in particular have an outsize impact on climate change, resource use, and environmental degradation as well as public health, human rights, and animal welfare. This is why we believe that to decrease such impacts, we need to focus more and more on plant-based materials, also called next gen materials. 


By using the term plant-based we mean fashion items made from materials derived from virgin or waste/byproduct plant matter. For simplicity, fungi (fruiting body) and algae inputs are included in this category, even though they are not plants.

What do we mean with regenerative textile?

Regenerative textiles are materials that are grown via agricultural practices that aim at regenerating the soil and the biodiversity of land. 


Regenerative organic farming goes beyond sustainable and focus on the well-being of earth, humans and animals as interconnected elements, focusing on building soil health as a way to fight climate change.


More and more brands are realizing the positive impact which comes from making their value chain completely regenerative. This is proved by the new certification Regenerative Organic Certified™ created by key actors in the fashion industry like Patagonia among others.

How will we accelerate impact?

You will probably have come across brands that plant trees for every item you buy. And while we praise the environmental awareness which is spreading across the globe, we are also afraid that many of these actions are mainly pushed by the marketing benefits brands get from it.


Having worked for many years in the environmental sector, we know that planting trees is only one part of the solution. We need to shift the production models towards full circularity and support farmers and producers in creating regenerative businesses which lead to more biodiversity by default, and not as a marketing strategy to buffer their negative impact. 


That is why, we will reinvest 2% of the profit into impact projects led by trustworth partners which are working on the whole fashion value chain and in plant-based innovation. In this way this platform will serve as an accelerator supporting the development of rural communities, but also the shift towards new “plant-based technologies.”